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Shodhana is an organization by a group of dedicated professionals in search of development options. It is an initiative for understanding the cause of underdevelopment & working to change the situation through proper planning and participation of the user group.


Shodhana team is managed by a group of dedicated professionals with over 20 years of experience in relevant fields.



Shodhana provides various types of services &
covers a few areas of services outline below

Types of Services

Areas of Services


Sustainable Livelihood


CBR Approach…


State Accessible & Inclusive WASH Policy – Chhattisgarh
Preparation of State Accessible & Inclusive WASH Policy for Government of Chhattisgarh 2018-19

Creation of Cadre
Creation and capacity building of the cadre entitled “Rehabilitation Resource Persons” for providing doorstep services to rural PwDs in Rajasthan 2017-18

Formation of DPGs
Disabled Persons Groups were formed under the aegis of the state counterpart viz Bihar, Maharashtra and Rajasthan of the National Rural Livelihoods Mission

Best Practices
Preparation of Best Practices for the livelihood of Persons with Disabilities in India in 2010-11

Disability Policy – Rajasthan
Preparation of state disability policy for Government of Rajasthan in 2010-11

Disability Policy – Bihar
Preparation of Disability Policy for Government of Bihar in 2008-09

Disability Policy – Chhattisgarh
Preparation of state disability policy for Government of Chhattisgarh in 2004-05

CBR Project
Evaluation of CBR Project of Bihn-Chanh district, Vietnam in 2004-05

1. Accessible & Inclusive WASH pilot – Chhattisgarh

The project is being implemented since 2017 in collaboration with State Swachh Bharat Mission, WaterAid India, UNICEF Chhattisgarh and South Eastern Coalfields Limited. 10 districts (Bilaspur, Durg, Jaspur, Kanker, Korba, Koriya, Mahasamund, Raigarh, Surajpur and Surguja) of Chhattisgarh are covered under the pilot with PwDs and TG persons as the target groups. The major deliverable include;

  • Formulation of State Accessible & Inclusive WASH policy
  • Construction of accessible IHHL
  • Construction of accessible & inclusive community toilet
  • Sensitization of various stakeholders on disability and gender issues

2. Social Development Plan for the Smart City, PCMC

  1. Establishing and operationalizing the multipurpose centre (Apang Bhavan)
    • Defining and designing the modus operandi
    • Department-wise service planning
    • Human Resource planning and deployment
    • Designing the referral mechanism
    • Designing a monitoring system
  2. NGO partnership and collaboration
    • Completion of due diligence
    • NGO capacity building
    • Development formats and methodology for partnership
    • Developing NGO monitoring mechanism
  3. Operationalization of Early Identification and Intervention Centre
    • Advising and streamlining District Disability Rehabilitation Centre (DDRC), Pune and PCMC collaboration
    • Facilitating in developing the Balwadis into EI centre
    • Community outreach programme
  4. Structural Mapping of target groups
    • Completion of structural mapping of PwDs
    • Structural mapping of Transgender (TG) persons to include the floating and migrant TG population
    • Structural mapping of the Elderly population
    • Mapping and identification of ultra poor households
  1. Development of schemes and programmes
    • Development of schemes and programmes for PwDs on the basis of new survey data which will be category and age specific.
    • Preparation of schemes for Transgender persons on the basis of a workshop and Transgender persons meet
    • Preparation of the schemes for the elderly again on the basis of survey data
    • Designing schemes for ultra poor / slum dwellers on the basis of survey data
  2. Formulation of Social Development Policy and Action Plan
    • A comprehensive social development policy for PCMC would be developed on the basis of need analysis available through the newly generated data on the 4 target groups.
    • The first inception report would be converted into action plan for a period of 5 years with an estimated timeline and budget.
  3. COVID 19 Response Plan
    • Support the Health Department of PCMC in data & statistical analysis
    • Preparation of Mid Term Response Plan (for 1 year)

3. District Disability Plan for Hingoli

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